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What is Mrs. Williams reading?

Children of Blood and Bone


Children of Blood and Bone (fantasy)by Tomi Adeyemi is proving to be the highlight of my November!  This amazing High Fantasy novel combines African mythology with a story of family, magic, and ultimately, honesty and courage.  The main characters, Zelie, Tzain, Amari and Inan weave through this story as carefully as the dream-like images of the past, present and future are revealed.  I love how fast paced and heart pumping this story has been so far!  And the author has an amazing writing style that will have you visualizing everything!  I'm only about 100 pages in, but I cannot believe how quickly this story is moving! I'm waiting to see if a little love story pops, so stay tuned for more information!


Can Tzain learn to trust his former enemy Inan?  How did Inan become a Maji? Are Tzain and Amari, Inan and Zelie falling in love with each other?  Will these two pairs of siblings be able to return Magic to the people of Orisha?  I can't answer any of those questions because I'm asking all of them right now too!  The nonstop chaos is making this fantasy novel feel like an adventure story too!  Adeyemi's ability to paint the world of Orisha, and all its creatures into your mind is simply amazing!  I cannot wait to see what happens next!  Stay tuned...Who's reading with me?  Send me an email to for a book chat!


Now that Zelie, Amari, Tzain, and Inan have collected all three artifacts to restore magic, can they make it to the secret ritual island?  Will Amari and Inan's king's army of men be there when they arrive to stop magic?  Will any or all of these siblings make it out alive?  Unfortunately, I can't answer any of those questions...but you can!  Click on the image of the book Children of Blood and Bone and read for yourself!  Such a quick read, and FREE!  I'm obsessed with the "visualization" in this book.  I can so clearly "see all of the characters and places in my head when I read. I loved this novel so much that I asked Santa to bring me the sequel for Christmas!  Don't worry, looking for a free place to read that right now:) Keep reading my young peeps, it'll make the time pass much faster!


One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus (mystery/realistic fiction)

The opening of this story strangely reminded me of the movie "The Breakfast Club" from the 1980's! Ms. Tracy Sines, a teacher at Calumet, originally alerted me to this novel.  I thought I had already read it, but I was totally wrong...thankfully;) In the first few chapters, you'll be introduced the the main characters: Simon, Bronwyn, Nate,  Addy, and Cooper.  I'll give little descriptions of each to wet your appetites...


He seems to have friends, but also sounds incredibly snobbish and almost "too good for everyone."  He is just as smart as Bronwyn, but she is always a step or two ahead of him.  


Woah.  Stereotypical "Miss Perfect," with perfect grades, Mathlete genius friends, and a supportive family.  She is hopefully on her way to Yale next fall with her amazing grades and Yale legacy family members.  Her permanent record is so unblemished that she'd never be friends with someone like Nate.


Old leather coat, disheveled hair, not the cleanest looking fellow, rides a motorcycle, and sells weed and painkillers to just about anyone; he's even on probation at the moment due to a drug charge.  Nate and Bronwyn actually went to Catholic school together until 5th grade when Nate's life and family completely finished unravelling.  I wonder if he's friends with anyone, let alone Addy?


Pretty sure she isn't friends with Nate.  With her "shampoo commercial," long, blonde hair and perfect body, she's your girl-next-door that doesn't really have much between the ears if you know what I'm saying. I bet Cooper is friends with her. 


This kid looks like he should be stepping into a dugout of the MLB, not in detention with the rest.  He's a baseball pitcher, originally from Mississippi, and wants nothing more than to be granted a full ride to college, or a seat at the table for the MLB draft.  That arm of his will take him far and everyone knows it.  He and Addy are great friends since Addy's boyfriend Jake and Cooper are bestie jock buddies. 


But what's this, there's a car accident just outside of the detention room and the teacher abruptly leaves to see if he can help.  Now, we have 5 high school students, unsupervised, in a detention classroom together without a teacher.  Oh no!  Simon, he just drank a glass of water from the classroom tap and is choking!  What?!  Why is he choking?!  Will he be okay?  Can anyone help him in time?

Click on the picture of the book above to read this amazing novel for free!  If any of you readers has any questions, or wants to book chat on this or the previous novel, email me at


Wow!  These kids never saw any of this coming from their mostly perfect lives and most perfect families.  Being brought into the police department multiple times trying to be cracked, none of our four friends; Addy, Cooper, Bronwyn and Nate, has anything to say.  All are starting to look and act a bit more guilty each time he or she is questioned.  And what's this?  Nate is already on probation for a drug dealing charge?  Not looking too good for our "bad boy" in this story.  But does Nate have more to offer than what I think of him?  Is there something deeper and more traumatizing that Bronwyn knows about?  I mean, she has known him since kindergarten!  But what's this?  Nate is quietly pulling into Bronwyn's fancy driveway in the ritzy part of town when her parents aren't over?  Don't worry, it's PG, but it's also very telling... 


Ouch, these kiddos are cracking under pressure.  Addy has a giant zit and can't stop thinking about how all of this with affect her relationship with her three-year, dreamy, football player boyfriend.  He's so controlling, and she doesn't see it until her older, married sister Ashton starts coming around a lot more often.  Ashton cannot help but point out how he dictates how Addy dresses, acts, where they go, who they see, and what they do.  But Addy has just been following him blindly through high school.  Ashton is starting to get into Addy's head a little bit too.  But Addy's mom, a little too "mom from Mean Girls," makes Addy and even Ashton feel as though their lives are not complete without a man.  I mean she is dating a man about 15 years her junior, and his parents won't let her around them!  Hahahahah!  Mind you, she's also been married three times already.  The family dynamics are amazing in this novel.  They really dive into the characters, their home lives, relationships, thoughts and feelings.